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May 24, 2024


1580 E Vine Street

Murray, UT 84121


Geared toward preschool educators focused on nature-based learning. Learn the importance of the emergent approach, discover the hows and whys of observations, immerse yourself in emergent lesson planning.


Emergent curriculum in preschools emphasizes the importance of following the interests, passions, and developmental needs of young children to shape the direction of learning experiences. Unlike traditional curriculum models that are predetermined and linear, emergent curriculum is flexible and responsive, allowing educators to adapt and tailor activities based on the unique characteristics and curiosities of the children in their care. This approach encourages active exploration, collaboration, and critical thinking, fostering a sense of autonomy and engagement in the learning process.



Lianna Lopez (M.ED), Wonderbloom Director and

Sarah Stone (PhD), Wonderbloom Founder and Executive Director


Contact 801-839-7041 or with questions.


Note: This is registration for an in-person workshop. Nothing will be mailed/shipped to you even if this order indicates that. Unfortunately, the platform doesn't allow us to customize that part.

Emergent Curriculum Teacher Training

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