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1580 Vine Street
Murray, UT

Wonderbloom is home at the Cottonwood Presbyterian Church (CPC) in Murray. Wonderbloom has two indoor classrooms -with lots of windows- and our own outdoor classroom where we do most of our learning. We have access to five acres of community gardens where we can grow food and raise our chickens. In addition, the property is close to the Murray Canal Trail and Wheeler Farm for nature walks and field trips.


Wonderbloom is zoned as a denominational school, which means we are sponsored by CPC. That means a few things. First, Cottonwood Presbyterian Church will donate a portion of the property for the school’s use. Second, Wonderbloom will teach a curriculum based on the natural world to encourage children to care for the earth and each other. Third, Wonderbloom will give priority enrollment to patrons of the church. Fourth, the church will give Wonderbloom a plot for children to garden in the Soul Garden. We are welcoming to everyone and our non-religious curriculum is conducive to families of all backgrounds.

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Learning in nature nourishes the child's mind, body and soul

We'd love for you to visit us and ask questions. Tours by appointment only.

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