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Learning in nature nourishes the child's mind, body, and soul.


Increasing child access, educator implementation, research enrichment,
and advocacy engagement for nature based early childhood educ

Guiding Values

1. Create an inclusive environment for high-risk or underserved populations - including children that are low-income, BIPOC, and/or have special needs.
2. Incorporate eco-friendly practices and materials and support companies & organizations who are eco-friendly.
501c(3) nonprofit     EIN: 83-2514288



In 2015, Sarah Stone first learned about nature and outdoor schooling. At the time, she was completing her PhD in child development and teaching college courses as an adjunct faculty. After reading the research about nature-based education, Sarah was convinced this was the ideal method of education for young children. Sarah soon realized that no schools like this existed in her community of Salt Lake City, Utah. With urging from her business-savvy and entrepreneurial brother, Sarah was determined to start her own nature-based preschool. She incorporated her extensive knowledge of early childhood development with principles of nature-based learning to create the underlying philosophy and structure of what is now known Wonderbloom. 

In 2017, Sarah started a trial-of-concept preschool in her backyard called Wee Humans. The home-based business license, allowed her to serve 8 children at a time. Within 12 months, Sarah had a waitlist of 64 children. 

In 2019, Sarah opened Wonderbloom, the first state-licensed nature-based preschool in Utah. This center was located in downtown Salt Lake City at the Episcopal Church of St. Mark.

In 2022, Wonderbloom moved to a more permanent location in Murray, Utah.

Meet The Board

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