What happens when your preschooler can't go to school? We send it to you!

The Wonderbloom Kit: Playschool in a Box

A box kit that encourages outdoor, imaginative play in our youngest learners


Each Box Includes:

  • A new topic centered around nature

  • 4+ reusable learning supplies

  • 24 Easy-to-Follow Activity Cards

  • 1 Adult appreciation gift

  • Bonus Digital Kit: Downloadable Resources ($12 value)

  • Kits build on each other for an enhance experience

$30/box purchased individually

$25/box purchased as a subscription

Boxes delivered every other week 

6 boxes total

The Digital Kit: Downloadable Resources

For families that want all the ideas, but don't need the box


Each Kit Includes:

  • A new topic centered around nature

  • 24 Printable Easy-to-Follow Activity Cards

  • 3 original story times using nature-based materials

  • Curated Spotify playlist

  • Book Recommendations

$15/kit purchased individually

$12/kit purchased as a subscription

Delivered to your inbox every other week

6 digital kits total

Fluttering Friends
Fluttering Friends

Fly, paint, and roll to bring your butterfly creations to life!

Forest Folklore
Forest Folklore

Decorate, build, and imagine yourself in a magical forest!

Under The Sea
Under The Sea

Glub, glub, glub. You're a jellyfish, crab, and sailor!

Sweet Honey Bees
Sweet Honey Bees

Buzz! You and I are bees that help flowers and plants grow!

Muddy Mixing
Muddy Mixing

Dirt, water, and flowers combine for delicious cooking time!

Winged Wonders
Winged Wonders

Fly and sing as you build your nest!

6 unique kits with nature-inspired topics

Promote Learning - Do Good

Thoughtfully developed by a team of nature-based early childhood educators

Proceeds support Wonderbloom preschool scholarships for low-income families and other missions of Almitas Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Activities promote adult-child connections through outdoor learning and play

Research shows that learning outdoors with nature materials promotes less stress, higher academic achievement, and an appreciation of the enviroment