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A holistic approach to early childhood education

Wonderbloom: Nature Playschool is a non-profit, state-licensed, nature-based early childhood education program for children ages 2-5 years.


Wonderbloom was the first nature-based preschool to be established in Salt Lake City. We were inspired by the philosophy of European "Forest Schools," where children spend most of the school time in the outdoors -- learning through interaction with nature.


We have a center with an outdoor classroom in Murray, UT to teach all children that nature is everywhere! We welcome children and families of all backgrounds and abilities.

Our Partners

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Racial, Economic, and Ability Equity is Important to Us!


Read about how we as a program are facing our biases and actively working to overcome them in order to have equitable access for all children.

Listen in!
We were interviewed on "All Along the Wasatch," a local radio show highlighting non-profits

Wonderwalk 2024: Floral Fiesta Fundraiser

Announcing our Equitable Access Initiative and Scholarship Endowment! Read more and get involved.

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Learning has lasting effects when children play amongst things of beauty and joy.


"[This] nature-based preschool is wonderful! The kids always come home with a beautiful craft that was related to the theme of the day, are introduced to new, healthy foods, and they are in a good mood after having played outside all morning long. Sarah is amazing at sparking the kids' interest in anything nature related and quenching their thirst for knowledge. Her calm yet energetic nature resonates very well with the children! A truly positive experience!"

— Inga, mom

Indigenous Land Acknowledgement

Wonderbloom acknowledges that we have the responsibility to have an ongoing relationship with Indigenous peoples and foster an understanding of their culture and history. The indigenous people who first inhabited the land on which Wonderbloom is located were the Shoshone and Goshute. They spoke the Shoshone language and called themselves Kammitakka. They were hunters and gatherers - eating roasted muskrat, grasshoppers, jackrabbit and pickleweed. They migrated with the seasons between Utah and Idaho. We acknowledge their land was stolen through dishonest, manipulative and destructive methods. Many indigenous people were hurt, killed, and driven away. We champion indigenous people who are leaders in our communities and country such as Debbie Haaland (U.S. Secretary of the Interior) and Tia Yazzie ( We commit to including educational activities in our curriculum that honor the land on which we reside and the people who cared for it before it was taken from them. We do this so the next generation will do the important work of passing on this historical knowledge and respect. (07/2020)

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